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refereed publications

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2013 and earlier

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recent media publications

September 2016. ‘Is responsible mining the answer to the commodities downturn?’, In: ANZ Blue Notes.

16 August 2016. ‘Responsible Mining doesn’t have to be an oxymoron’, In: Pursuit.

March 2016. ‘Peer pressure matters more than you think: Factors influencing social performance in the resources industry’. In: Australian Resources and Investment.

February 2016. ‘Coal seam gas debate is more than hot air’. In: Pursuit.

December 2015. ‘Wicked problems’ and complex operating environments demand ethical skills. In: Australian Resources and Investment.

September 2015. Newcastle’s ‘Divestment’ is a chance for world’s largest coal port to consider its future. In: The Conversation.

June 2015. Optimising Impact Assessment: Data practices going digital. In: Australian Resources and Investment Magazine

March 2015. Out of the regulatory soup: Evolving to a whole of resource approach. In: Australian Resources and Investment Magazine.

December 2014. With: Assoc. Prof. Will Howard and Prof. Mike Sandiford. Coal seam gas is just the latest round in underground war. In: The Conversation. 

December 2014. Battling the resource curse in frontier mineral economies. In: Australian Resources and Investment Magazine. 

7 November 2014. From divestments to protests, social licence is key. In: The Conversation.

June 2014. ‘The Social Licence to Operate: What’s next?’, In: Australian Resources and Investment magazine.

December 2013. ‘So long, 2013: Reflecting on the year in sustainable development’, In: Australian Resources and Investment magazine.

December 2013. With Helen Sullivan. ‘Abbott government may have new rhetoric, but it’s still the ‘Asian century‘, In: The Conversation.

October 2013. ‘Ok Tedi immunity gone, with implications beyond BHP‘, In: The Conversation.

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July 2012: Bice, S. ‘Human Rights Due Diligence: Implications for the Mining Industry,’ Australian Resources and Investment Magazine.

recent media coverage and interviews

29 August 2016. Talking ‘Responsible Mining’ with Amanda Vanstone on ABC Radio National Counterpoint.

25 August 2016. Talking ‘Responsible Mining’ with Beyond Zero Emissions, 3CR Community Radio.

15 April 2016. Talking social licence with ‘Beyond Zero Emissions‘, 3CR Community Radio.

13 February 2016. ‘Australian energy giants shift away from ‘dirty’ mining. Quoted in: The Straits Times.

8 December 2015: ‘Social media offers new hope for citizenry to reconnect with democracy’, ABC PM Drive with Patricia Karvelas.

29 October 2015. Interview for ABC Radio AM with Michael Brissenden. ‘Coal Seam Gas Panel: Economically great, environmentally ok, socially terrible.

13 September 2015. Interview for Barometer, Radio Adelaide with Ian Newton.

16 September 2014. Wilkins, G. Macquarie cashes in on world’s war machine. In: The Age. 

29 July 2014: Loussikian, K. Investor-company engagement ‘maturing’. In: The Australian. 

19 February 2014: Interview for 3CR Community Radio Melbourne Breakfast with Squirrel Main.

18 February 2014: Interview for ABC NewsRadio Evenings with Mandy Presland, “New report shows mining companies using a social licence to justify presence in communities.”

18 Feburary 2014: Neissner, Justin, “Where do social licences come from?“, Mining News.

18 February 2014: Interview for ABC NewsRadio Hobart, Tasmania Statewide Mornings with Leon Compton.

17 February 2014: McHugh, B. “The term ‘social licence to operate’ brought into question by report“, ABC Rural.

17 February 2014: Interview for ABC News Rural with Babs McHugh, “Report finds the term ‘social licence’ a poorly defined concept. Aired interviewLong interview.

17 February 2014: Validakis, Vicky, “Report claims mining companies do not have a social licence to operate”, In: Australian Mining.

9 December 2013: Interviewed by Carson Scott and Brooke Corte on Trading Day, Sky News Business Channel.

9 December 2013: Interview for Radio National Breakfast.

21 May 2013: Karvelas, Patricia. ‘Beware miners bearing town gifts‘, In: The Australian.

21 May 2013: Interviewed by Carson Scott and Brooke Corte on Trading Day, Sky News Business Channel.

21 May 2013: Interview with Melissa Maddison, ABC Radio Tropical North Queensland.

18 April 2013: Interview with Kim Kleidon, ABC Radio Tropical North Queensland.